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Last Updated: 02/28/14

:bulletred: Black Butler Cheshire Grell - 0%
:bulletred: Bleach Coyote Starrk - 0%
:bulletred: Deadpool "So Fresh & So Clean" - 0%
:bulletred: Final Fantasy Squall Leonhart - 0%
:bulletred: Grim Reaper OC - 0%
:bulletred: Guardians of the Galaxy Groot - 0%
:bulletred: Harley Quinn - 0%
:bulletred: Hitchhiker's Guide Marvin Costume - 20%
:bulletred: Mass Effect/Dragon Age Spectre Sebastian - 0%
:bulletred: Mass Effect Cerberus Firehawk 2.0 - 30%
:bulletred: Mass Effect Miranda DLC Armor - 0%
:bulletred: Mass Effect Miranda Red Dress - 0%
:bulletred: Mass Effect Salarian - 0%
:bulletred: My Little Pony Chrysalis - 0%
:bulletred: My Little Pony Scootaloo 2.0 - 0%
:bulletred: Panty & Stocking Kneesocks - 0%
:bulletred: Pokemon Gijinka Dialga - 0%
:bulletred: Pokemon Gijinka Weavile - 0%
:bulletred: Pokemon Gijinka Zapdos - 0%
:bulletred: Witcher 3 Leshen - 0%

:bulletorange: Dragon Age Maric's Blade Sword: 0%
:bulletorange: Dragon Age Starfang Sword: 0%
:bulletorange: Grim Reaper Scythe - 0%
:bulletorange: Mass Effect Cerberus Harrier - 10%

:bulletyellow: Mass Effect Geth Armature - 10%
:bulletyellow: Mass Effect Normandy - 10%

Crochet/Knit Crafts:
:bulletgreen: Deadpool Fingerless Gloves - 0%
:bulletgreen: Despicable Minions Fingerless Gloves - 50%
:bulletgreen: Harley Quinn Fingerless Gloves - 0%
:bulletgreen: TARDIS Fingerless Gloves - 0%
:bulletgreen: Triforce Fingerless Gloves - 0%
:bulletgreen: Warhammer Fingerless Gloves - 0%

Leather Crafts:
:bulletblue: Deadpool Dream Catcher - 50%
:bulletblue: Serenity Dream Catcher - 50%
:bulletblue: SW Empire Dream Catcher - 50%
:bulletblue: SW Mandalorian Dream Catcher - 50%
:bulletblue: SW Rebel Dream Catcher - 50%
:bulletblue: SW Republic Dream Catcher - 50%

:bulletpurple: Impossibilities Chapter 4 - 15%
:bulletpurple: Storming the Gates Chapter 1 - 0%
:bulletpurple: Xora Patrone Chapter 14 - 55%
:bulletpurple: Xora Patrone Chapter 15 - 20%
:bulletpurple: Xora Patrone Chapter 16 - 50%
:bulletpurple: Xora Patrone Chapter 17 - 35%
:bulletpurple: Xora Patrone Series 2 Chapter 1 - 15%
:bulletpurple: Under Better Circumstances Chapter 14: 20%
:bulletpurple: Predestine Chapter 6: 15%
:bulletpurple: Burning Embrace Chapter 1: 55%
:bulletpurple: Behind Glowing Eyes Chapter 1: 15%
:bulletpurple: Lasting Impressions Chapter 6: 10%
:bulletpurple: Whacked Forces Chapter 1: 20%
:bulletpurple: All or Nothing Chapter 1: 5%
:bulletpurple: The Dalish Paragon Chapter 1: 5%
:bulletpurple: Blazing Starr Chapter 1: 60%
:bulletpurple: Grim Roses Prologue: 0%

Other Projects

I am the very model of a... 

44 deviants said scientist Salarian.
16 deviants said STG Salarian.
8 deviants said cosplaying Salarian.
5 deviants said multiplayer Salarian.
2 deviants said Spectre Salarian.

Dragon Con

Wed Aug 27, 2014, 10:49 PM

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Dragon Con is here!

That's right! Dragon Con! Third year for me! I'll be there with blackleafcreative.

The costumes I'm bringing are:

Doctor Who 4th Doctor's Scarf Dress
Hitchhiker's Guide Marvin the Robot
Mass Effect Multiplayer Salarian
Mass Effect Miranda Lawson Citadel DLC (photo coming soon)
My Little Pony Mecha Dash

I'm in charge of the Mass Effect group in the Dragon Con Parade so keep and eye out! As well as there will be a Mass Effect photoshoot at the Hilton Steps from 1-2 that you can see the Salarian and Volus at. I will also be bringing the Mako for fun shenanigans.

I hope to see many of you there!!!

Until then, see you space cowboy...

  • Mood: Adoration
  • Listening to: Blue Suede - Hooked on a Feeling
  • Reading: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • Playing: Dragon Age Origins
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hiya, my name is Laura D. I'm an artist of all sorts. Writer, cosplayer, prop maker, pumpkin carver, jewelry artisan, craftswoman, I am a jack of all trades. I am a visual artist. I see things in my head and make it happen. My mind is constantly thinking of a million things at once and how to make everything happen all at the same time. I never look at something for what it is... but for what it can be. Everyone has the ability to become something great, they just have to work really hard to get there. I am determined to leave my mark.

I currently live in Louisiana. I have two dogs named Corey (Akita/German Shepherd/Corgi mix) and Stumbles (Beagle mutt), two cats named Gir (Russian Blue) and Cali (Calico), and a bunch of sugar gliders. I love the south... the food, the culture, the heat and humidity. New Orleans will always have my heart.

My Facebook:…
RC Mako's Facebook:
Etsy Shop's Facebook:
My Blogspot:
My Pinterest:
My Tumblr:

Crazy enough to do it, smart enough to know how.

Events I'm Attending:

For 2014:
(Can change at any moment due to other events
and certain circumstances)

:bulletred: January

:bulletorange: February
February 7 to 9 - Wizard World New Orleans - New Orleans, LA
February 22 - The Chewbacchus Parade - New Orleans, LA

:bulletyellow: March
March 28 to 30 - Brony-Fest - Lewisville, Texas

:bulletgreen: April
April 25 to 27 - C2E2 - Chicago, IL

:bulletblue: May
May 16 to 18 - Dallas Comic Con - Dallas, TC
May 23 to 25 - MomoCon - Atlanta, GA

:bulletpurple: June
June 6 to 8 - A-Kon - Dallas, TX
June 7 - NOLA Time Fest - New Orleans, LA
June 10 to 12 - E3 Expo - Los Angeles, California
June 20 to 22 - Bayou Con - Lake Charles, LA
June 28 to 29 - Con Katerborous - Huntsville, AL

:bulletred: July
July 11 to 13 - Equestria Fiesta - Houston, Texas
July 23 to 27 - San Diego Comic Con - San Diego, California

:bulletorange: August
August 1 to 3 - BronyCon - Baltimore, Maryland
August 15 to 17 - DerpyCon South - New Orleans, LA
August 29 to 31 - DragonCon - Atlanta, Georgia

:bulletyellow: September
September 1 - DragonCon - Atlanta, Georgia
September 5 to 7 - Brony Fan Fair - San Antonio, TX

:bulletgreen: October
October 3 to 5 - Doctor Who Event - Jacksonville, FL

:bulletblue: November

:bulletpurple: December



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:squee: Thanks for joining :icontorchwho:
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