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:bulletblue: SW Rebel Dream Catcher - 50%
:bulletblue: SW Republic Dream Catcher - 50%

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:bulletpurple: Burning Embrace Chapter 1: 55%
:bulletpurple: Behind Glowing Eyes Chapter 1: 15%
:bulletpurple: Lasting Impressions Chapter 6: 10%
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:bulletpurple: All or Nothing Chapter 1: 5%
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Mon Feb 17, 2014, 12:00 PM

I know I've been really super duper quiet. I haven't been posting anything new or updating you all on the things I'm working on. It's because I have so many things go on in my life. And now I can actually talk about it!

Firstly, if you ever want to know what I'm doing, the best way is to follow me on Facebook - Rebel Among The Stars Studios

Later today I'll be adding a bunch of pics of my Cerberus costume that was taken during DragonCon and a bunch of artisan crafts I recently made (including some amazing dream catchers). I've been a very busy bee.

Now onto personal life...

2013 was one hell of a roller coaster for me. Which actually played a large role in my lack of activity as well as my productivity. We'll start in the earlier part of the year when Matt and I decided that we are better friends than partners. It took us 7 years to figure that out. We gave it a jolly good try but some things are just not meant to be. We are still good friends and help each other out as much as possible. Unlike what's been going on between my folks. In November, my mom found out that my father has been cheating on her for some time... like a year... or more... and multiple times. She did everything to try and save it but he wants nothing to do with her, my brother and I, and the animals. All he cares about is his new love and keeping the house. He's even going so far as to blame his infidelity on my mom. Of whom was looking forward to growing old with him and had absolutely no intention of spending her life with anyone else. This whole time she's been trying to save it as he continues ignoring the women he spent 33 years with. Things get really heated and ugly and my brother and I are the ones left to deal with it. My brother helps in calming the arguments and I'm the support for my mom. I am here for her night and day since she has no one else really. All of her family is in France and my brother isn't exactly anywhere near compassionate. This unfortunately played the biggest role in me being so behind on projects and orders. It's been really tough. Especially trying to figure out what the hell is going to happen...

Now onto 2014. With the shit-storm 2013 gave me, a spark triggered this year that makes everything I have been dealing with feel like a cat scratch. I still have to tend to the wound but the pain is more tolerable. What caused everything to instantly become better? I met a volus. I kid you not. Back in April 2013, I became friends with Jerry LaRussa. He was working on a volus costume that would he would wear to DragonCon. It was his first ever costume and I marveled at how beautifully it was coming together. It was SPOT ON. I remember when I saw his costume in person that my heart felt like a child again. We spent only a brief few moments together at the hangouts and Mass Effect photoshoots and whatnot. I wish I spent more time with him during the con but it wasn't exactly a good time for me then. Last month I started doing online gatherings of Cards Against Humanity and Google+ Hangouts. It was a way for me to spend time with friends and get my mind off of the current situation. He missed the first one... but joined every game after... and every hangout... and then one night it was just the two of us. We played chess and talked, staying up until 9:30. The same thing happened the night after. We stayed up for long hours talking, having fun, showing cosplay progress, etc. I was happy. I felt so comfortable with him that I let him know some of the things I've been bottling up for years. The funny thing is that he was a fan of mine since 2011 (when I debuted the Cerberus Shepard) and I was a fan of his volus costume in early 2013. Two fans coming together... two shattered hearts mending all the pieces together. It's only the beginning of our story but it's already a wonderful one. Everything about this one feels right, everything is going at the perfect pace for both of us, I honestly have to keep pinching myself because it feels like a dream. The best part is how much we share in common including our love for cosplay. We have a few couples cosplays planned this year. I cannot wait to show everyone pics when the time comes.

If you want to see a picture of his amazing Volus costume, check this post out.
Also, you should like his Blackleaf Creative page. ^_^

Oh look! A photo of us in our costumes:
Cerberus Firehawk and Volus by RebelATS

That's the gist of it. Now it's back to work and to upload those pics on here later.

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Hiya, my name is Laura D. I'm an artist of all sorts. Writer, cosplayer, prop maker, pumpkin carver, jewelry artisan, craftswoman, I am a jack of all trades. I am a visual artist. I see things in my head and make it happen. My mind is constantly thinking of a million things at once and how to make everything happen all at the same time. I never look at something for what it is... but for what it can be. Everyone has the ability to become something great, they just have to work really hard to get there. I am determined to leave my mark.

I currently live in Louisiana. I have two dogs named Corey (Akita/German Shepherd/Corgi mix) and Stumbles (Beagle mutt), two cats named Gir (Russian Blue) and Cali (Calico), and a bunch of sugar gliders. I love the south... the food, the culture, the heat and humidity. New Orleans will always have my heart.

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September 1 - DragonCon - Atlanta, Georgia
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October 3 to 5 - Doctor Who Event - Jacksonville, FL

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